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End-to-end Migration Service from Haylix

Whether you have already contemplated taking advantage of public cloud and are now evaluating next steps, looking to facilitate new project requirements or need to refresh an existing piece of your infrastructure, modern public clouds offer the necessary options with secure and integrated capabilities.

“Haylix prepares you for the journey of optimising your services.”

The task of moving from and existing public cloud or on-prem to either AWS or Azure Cloud is where Haylix excels. In the transformation of your legacy environment to one that’s agile, secure and aligned to your everchanging business needs, Haylix prepares you for the journey of optimising your services ensuring fit-for-purpose builds, and finally a low-risk, low-impact automated migration to your new cloud-based service.


availability zones globally




reduction in unplanned downtime


average infrastructure cost savings than on-prem


more efficient IT infrastructure management than on-prem

Haylix Shift Feature Set


The discovery stage includes the identification and construction of a list of services and resources including a detailed cloud readiness assessment.

Deploying application and database migration agents facilitates service element connectivity with your new cloud and includes a robust data replication mechanism that will populate your new service in the background while allowing you to securely continue with business as usual.


To ensure your new cloud service is efficient and cost effective, we analyze and optimise your services to ensure only right-sized and necessary services are deployed in the most secure manner.

You don’t want to bring your old baggage along with you. Your new cloud environment will be architected to Industry best practices to ensure a secure and reliable run-time environment.


Haylix automates & monitors the progress of your secure data synchronisation from within our Australian based control center.

In most cases the transition to your new service can be completed with little to no disruption to your service. In case we come across a speed bump along the way, our migration service ensures accelerated remediation and a fully verified migration of your new service.

Process & Automation

At Haylix, we use a “Deploy & Destroy” methodology to ensure our customers are working with a continuously refreshed and optimised environment.

Deploy and Destroy is fully automated and leverages the latest software and operating systems. It is aligned to CIS and E8 compliance frameworks that will guarantee you improved security, consistency, and serviceability.

We will migrate only the latest and necessary data to minimise costs, risks and footprint.The existing legacy environment will only be destroyed once Haylix has completed risk management and ensured your business continuity.

By continuously applying Deploy and Destroy to your environment, you will avoid software and configuration drift, safe in the

knowledge that your environment will leverage the latest technologies so you can remain competitive.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with always adhering to current standardisation frameworks, reducing your vulnerability to risk and increased efficiencies.

Maintenance impact will be minimised, and you will see an overall reduction in costs, and robust improvement in your service.