Haylix – Cloud. Automated. Always.

Haylix CORE is a comprehensive managed service for your cloud applications and infrastructure.

Haylix CORE utilises cloud best practice methodologies and our expert insight to ensure environments are consistently deployed, managed and secured. 

Our engineers are proactive about cost optimisation of your environment, through continuous assessment and advice. 

Haylix CORE protects your most valuable assets through enhanced business continuity and data availability.

“Managing and maintaining your cloud applications without the right expertise can lead to cloud chaos in your organisation.”

Despite the pressure to innovate and stand out in a crowded market, many businesses are wasting their resources and key people in non-core activities .

Cloud security and compliance are now front of mind across the world . Managing and maintaining your cloud applications without the right expertise can lead to cloud chaos in your organisation.

To safely and efficiently manage a cloud environment requires a dedicated team. Without one, cloud chaos can wreak havoc across all aspects of your business.

Businesses often make the assumption that cloud technology is available, efficient and performs as required always . But simply moving to the public cloud doesn’t automatically resolve legacy issues.

Haylix will provide you with fit for purpose solutions so that you can take back control of your budgeting and avoid unintended costs.

You may unknowingly have inconsistent policies and security standards being applied across your applications and services, leaving your business vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

By applying our expertise and holistic security measures across multiple applications and layers, Haylix will stop you from being exposed to cyber threats before they can do damage to your reputation and bottom line.

As the available cloud solutions become more sophisticated, they can become complex to manage and difficult to architect on your own.

Enterprises Embrace Multi-cloud

Hybrid Cloud
Multiple public
single public
single private

Enterprises have almost entirely embraced multi-cloud. As the chart to the right shows; 92% of respondents reported having a multi-cloud strategy, 82% are taking a hybrid approach, combining the use of both public and private clouds

Source: Flexera 2021 State of the Cloud Report

Top Cloud Challenges

Top challenges are security, spend, governance and expertise. The top cloud challenges in 2021 are all quite close in how often respondents cite them. As the graph below shows, the top five are security, managing cloud spend, governance, lack of resources, expertise and compliance.

Source: Flexera 2021 State of the Cloud Report

Haylix Core Feature Set


Today’s cloud products offer an array of security protection mechanisms. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when faced with so many choices. It can be challenging to know where to start and how much protection you require. Haylix will ensure that you have the correct security setup that is relevant to your cloud environment and any potential vulnerabilities.

Guardian delivers a foundational security-first approach for your cloud environment, consistently and across disparate cloud platforms. Guardian leverages Haylix’s key automation infrastructure to ensure your cyber presence is maintained and implemented efficiently.


Adhere ensures conformity across the industry compliance standards CIS & Essential 8. We also leverage hardened operating systems and pre-defined reference architectures that are implemented through Haylix AUTOMATE.

We will help you maintain compliance through Haylix’s automation. Knowing that your cloud environment is built and maintained to an industry standard takes the stress out of ensuring you are compliant and gives your customers the confidence to use your services online.


Haylix will ensure your valuable cloud investments are running efficiently and only when needed.

Watcher is much more than just monitoring or reporting. It ensures that we understand how your cloud environment is behaving in real-time. Our monitoring of the performance and availability of your cloud applications is always on whether you are working or not.


By keeping your cloud service continually optimised for efficiency and availability whilst minimising potential costs and maintaining a compliant solution, Haylix will ensure the fitness of your environment.

Fitness is an optimisation service that leverages Haylix’s tools and knowledge to analyse and architect cost-efficient resources through planning, architecture, process and automation.


Ensuring that your cloud services are running on the most appropriate release of software protects your application service from unplanned outages and unpredictable behaviour.

Sustain leverages Haylix AUTOMATE for ongoing updates and upgrades so you can expect highly protected application services, optimal performance, and log-trimming. Sustain aligns with Haylix’s Deploy & Destroy methodology that proactively and efficiently drives the update process.


Haylix will transform your cloud environment data into invaluable insights that are aligned to your business and reporting needs.

A combination of real-time and scheduled reporting services ensures that your individual or hybrid cloud environment will give you the necessary visibility of your application’s health. Our hybrid Insight service utilises our tools and highly skilled professionals to ensure that we manage your outcome.

Process & Automation

At Haylix, we use a “Deploy & Destroy” methodology to ensure our customers are working with a continuously refreshed and optimised environment.

Deploy and Destroy is fully automated and leverages the latest software and operating systems. It is aligned to CIS and E8 compliance frameworks that will guarantee you improved security, consistency, and serviceability.

We will migrate only the latest and necessary data to minimise costs, risks and footprint.The existing legacy environment will only be destroyed once Haylix has completed risk management and ensured your business continuity.

By continuously applying Deploy and Destroy to your environment, you will avoid software and configuration drift, safe in the

knowledge that your environment will leverage the latest technologies so you can remain competitive.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with always adhering to current standardisation frameworks, reducing your vulnerability to risk and increased efficiencies.

Maintenance impact will be minimised, and you will see an overall reduction in costs, and robust improvement in your service.