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At Haylix, our team of expert engineers specialise in building, automating, managing and securing cloud infrastructure for our customers. We only partner with cutting edge industry leaders and support applications that provide the best solutions, ensuring a complete service from end-to-end. Our team of DevOps engineering experts and consultants work hard to free our customers from time-consuming infrastructure management so they can deliver on their core business.  We focus our attention on customers who require an elevated level of service, stability, and security.

We specialise in the retail, government, tourism, ISV and marketing industries. Our customers share familiar challenges: namely applying their focus on their product and not having the time to properly maintain their IT, including their cybersecurity. Haylix’s customers all share common goals, starting with delivering the best possible user experience to their customers. To do this, they need stability from their cloud infrastructure and protection from risk of cyber-attacks.  Having this security front of mind, and acting proactively rather than reactively reduces the possibility of financial losses, reputation damage and decreased productivity.

Haylix has fifteen years of experience in the constantly evolving cloud landscape. Our key skill is our ability to collaborate in a transparent, honest, and collective way with our customers, their development teams and the agencies they engage with. Despite recent advances in accessibility to the cloud, it is not “set and forget”. To be successful, your cloud environment and goals require frequent optimisation, maintenance and attention to security.

We can help you:

  • Create a secure and compliant environment
  • Actively monitor the impact of dynamic traffic patterns.
  • Seamlessly transition your legacy environments to the cloud.
  • With expert advice for your business on cloud best practices
  • Prevent your team falling victim to Cloud Chaos.

Whether you choose to outsource your complete cloud experience to Haylix or simply come to us for advice, we are the people who will take the time to ensure the days of cloud chaos are over.

Haylix through the years
Founded in 2007
Hosting our own data centres across Asia-Pacific
Migration to Public Cloud in 2013
Fully Cloud-based by 2017
Early adopter of public cloud
Customers across Australia, New Zealand & UK
Expanded Services Standardisation
Enhanced Cyber Services in 2021
Leveraging our partnerships
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The Haylix Team

Australia / New Zealand

Thomas Ludbrook

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Newing

Services Manager

Darren Howatt

Senior Pre-Sales Lead

Maddison Hope

HR & Accounting Manager

Lloyd O'Brien

Associate Engineer

Ajit Garikipati

Azure DevOps Consultant

Poonam Sahoo

Associate Engineer

Marlon Linang

Associate Engineer

Brejesh Jeevan

Account Manager

Prince Rajput

Business Development Manager